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The Victorian Era
The period of British history from 1837 to 1901
The reign of Queen Victoria.
It is not Marie Antoinette, Jane Austen, Baroque, Rococo,
the Edwardian era, the Tudor Era, the Renaissance, the Roaring Twenties or anything else that is just "old-fashioned"

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  • Hey, guys!  So, we’re all familiar with Cyberpunk and Steampunk, but there are so many more alternate histories/speculative science fiction genres out there!  I came across this handy-dandy infographic and figured I could share a bit of these punk genres for anyone interested.

    • Steampunk
      Roughly covers the Western world during the mid- to late-19th century (ie:  Victorian era, US wild west, etc.), and sometimes up to the Edwardian era.
    • Dieselpunk
      1920s up through WWII, ending at just about the Cold War.
    • Decopunk
      A cleaner, artistic, more “optimistic” version of Dieselpunk (same time period)
    • Clockpunk
      Covers the time of the Renaissance (think da Vinci)
    • Atompunk
      Cold War era, ie: the Space Race
    • Teslapunk
      Derivative of Steampunk, but focuses on electricity rather than steam.
    • Splatterpunk
      Explicit horror and gore
    • Biopunk
      Biotechnology, genetics (part science fiction, part real life)
    • Nanopunk
      Nanotechnology, sometimes overlaps with Biopunk
    • Cyberpunk
      The granddaddy of them all:  computer technology, the internet, hackers, etc. 

    Others not included in the infographic

    (via thats-not-victorian)

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