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The Victorian Era
The period of British history from 1837 to 1901
The reign of Queen Victoria.
It is not Marie Antoinette, Jane Austen, Baroque, Rococo,
the Edwardian era, the Tudor Era, the Renaissance, the Roaring Twenties or anything else that is just "old-fashioned"

I stalk the "Victorian era" and "Victorian" tags
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  • the-savage-nymph-art asked : Hello, first of all: I love you blog <3 Now, i wanted to ask... Um, since Empress Elisabeth was born in 1837... Is it okay to tag my cosplays of her as Victorian? Stupid question, I know, but... It is my excuse to tell you how awesome you are ^.^

    Haha, thank you!!  And, IDK, I mean maybe some people on here might get miffed that you’d tag a cosplay of someone who was Austrian (I’m assuming you mean her, right?) as Victorian, but honestly, I pay more attention to the years and styles rather than countries. 

    But, it sounds cute!  I look forward to seeing them!

    1. ninjagiry said: HER COSPLAYS ARE AMAZING
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